Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soiree Glasses from Roost are featured in the June issue of House Beautiful!

Last year we introduced the Soiree cocktail glasses from Roost online and in our store and they were really a hit with our customers. For many of our customers, they've become their "go to" gift for weddings, housewarmings and more. This month, House Beautiful featured them in their June issue's "the Best!" feature.

Each etched glass in this set of 5 is a different shape and color and has a different pattern. The glasses make a wonderfully unique present that's classy but also very fun. They are sort of a throw back to "old school" entertaining and the best part is that when guests are over, no one forgets which glass is theirs. For summertime, they'd be great for margaritas on the rocks, mojitos or any cool cocktail on a hot day!

Sold as a set of 5 for $100, you can purchase them online from The Nest Egg or in our store. We also sell a set of 6 Soiree Champagne glasses for $135 in our store that are equally as beautiful if you prefer a cocktail of the bubbly sort.

Either way, "Cheers!"

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