Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our trip(s) to see The Joe Ruggiero Collection in the Miles Talbott Showroom

I'm pretty sure there were some records set this week for the most visits we've made to one showroom during market. Ranking at the top has to be the number of times that we visited the Miles Talbott Showroom. Sean and I did a quick tour of the showroom on Sunday and then Jenny (our Store Manager), Rachael (our Interior Designer) and I spent more than half of the day there on Tuesday and a few hours more on Wednesday morning. We all really wanted to learn as much as we could about the line, the collections, the frames, the cushion options and of course, the fabrics!

The showroom consists of the main line of Miles Talbott upholstered furniture as well many other collections including Rachael Ashwell's Shabby Chic line and The Joe Ruggiero Collection. All three lines are represented in our store and this week we chose some fabulous new collections that we'll have on our floor in late May/early June.

Here's what we found in The Joe Ruggiero Collection:

First and foremost, we found Joe Ruggiero himself! Joe designs all of the frames and Sunbrella fabrics in his beautiful collection. The collection features clean lines, classy style, incredibly comfortable sofas, chairs and chaises and of course, the fabrics are stunning. The best part is that all of the Sunbrella fabrics are stain and fade resistant which makes them such a great option for many lifestyles (mine included . . .two little boys and a large dog require any and everything that's stain resistant . . .hmmm, when will they make Sunbrella clothing?!) We had a hard time narrowing down our choices for our showroom samples because there were so many wonderful options.

This is where we ended up! We'll be bringing in the Tribeca Sofa in Meridian Wren with a Meridian Dove welt, accented with mitered Remix Slate pillows (these are going to be beautiful!). We're pairing that with the Sloan Chair in Montecito Papyrus (second fabric from the left above) accented with throw pillows in Tie Dye Wren (fourth from left) and a Trax Cadet contrast welt. We can't wait to see them in person!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back From High Point! What Did We Find?

Well we're back at last and unfortunately our goal of daily postings about all the wonderful things we found didn't go quite as planned. A major storm (aka a small tornado) rolled through the High Point/Greensboro area late Monday/early Tuesday and left us literally "powerless" to post.

Our hotel lost power overnight and waking up to an alarm in the dark and fumbling around a hotel room trying to figure out exactly what was where was a new experience for all of us. Fortunately we were able to laugh through it all (after many Bates Motel jokes) and after cold showers, we somehow managed to get out that morning and have another productive day at the market. There was still no power when we got back to the hotel that night so we made a late night switch to another hotel, but no power meant no blogging. I just uploaded our pictures though and promise to make good on sharing all of our great finds over the next few days! Here's a little sneak preview:

The wonderful Sunbrella fabric palette we choose for our new Joe Ruggiero upholstery collection (more on that tomorrow!) Fabulous merchandising at the Currey & Company showroom (featuring one of our in stock mirrors x 9)!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

And We're Off! First Day at High Point . . .

Going to market is always a little like a race to the finish line. I sometimes feel like we're on the Amazing Race (minus the crazy obstacles and challenges) because we always there for such a short time and have so much to see. People often comment that it must be so fun to get to shop for work and yes, that part is very fun, but we usually start our day when the market opens at 8:00am and end when the market closes at 8:00pm. In between we rush around the maze of buildings, hallways and hundreds of people, going down our list of showrooms and lines we want to see and hoping we are able to fit them all in.

The clock is always ticking while we're here, so it was fitting that one of the collections that caught our eye yesterday were these great new clocks. We've carried clocks since we opened the store but the materials and textures of these are fresh and a terrific new look. Here are a few of the ones we ordered and we look forward to their arrival in our store soon!
36" Harrington Clock $265
30" Southampton Clock (this is a heavy one!) $225
40" Elliston Clock $425