Monday, July 9, 2012

The Best Of: Lee Industries Chairs

This week's "Best Of" series features our best selling chairs from our beautiful upholstered furniture line, Lee Industries. For over 40 years, Lee Industries has had a mission to create expertly styled, high-quality home furnishings. All Lee pieces are handcrafted in Newton, NC by their team of craftsmen and women that are experts in their field and take pride in their spectacular workmanship.

During our April visit to the High Point market, our Store Manager, Jennifer and our Assistant Store Manager, Marguerite had the pleasure of spending an entire day at the Lee Industries factory. They were so energized when they came back and eager to share all that they had learned. They were amazed by the skill of the men and women who build the furniture, sew the covers and manage all of the intricacies of such a complex business. Here are some pictures from their visit as well as a highlight of a few of our best selling Lee chair frames and fabrics. Enjoy!

Here a craftsman is inserting the nails into the frame to begin the 8 way hand tying process.

Here one of the Lee craftsmen is working on the construction of a sofa and creating the 8 way hand tied suspension system. 8 way hand tied springs have a wide range of movement providing a very even and individual sit because they move up and down and from side to side.

A closer look at the 8 way hand tied suspension system.

And we thought we liked to be organized...this is pretty impressive. Pictured here are all of the COM fabrics (customer's own materials) that stores and designers have sent in from all around the country. Each bolt is labeled with information on which frame it belongs to and which order it is from.

Huge cutting machines measure and cut the fabric for upholstery.
All of the stitching is still done by hand by the very talented sewers.

We're grateful to Lee Industries for sharing such a fabulous behind the scenes tour of their factory. Now a look at the beautiful finished products and a highlight of our best selling chairs from Lee (stay tuned for a best of "sofas"):

1011-01 Available upholstered or slip covered and as an optional swivel. This is a wonderful chair for both men and women. It's superbly comfortable and the styling is very current with the high back and thin arms. It's a wonderfully versatile piece.

This 1011-01 just arrived in our store upholstered in one of our favorite fabrics, Luna Smoke.

1935-01 Available upholstered or slip covered and also as an optional swivel.
It's a terrific scale for tight spaces but still sits like a larger armchair.
We're crazy about our new 1935-01 arrival in Patton Spice. Such a vibrant and gorgeous color!

3794-01 Available upholstered or slip covered and as an optional swivel, glider or swivel glider. A great every day chair that works well in a family room, nursery or a more casual living room.

3477-01 This chair just makes you want to sit back and relax. It's big enough to curl up in for reading or movie watching yet so tailored that it works for more formal entertaining as well.
Our 3477-01 (shown on the right) in Bennett Linen is a wonderful pairing of frame and fabric.
L1367-01 A new take on the classic leather club chair, this frame has a rounded back that just hugs you in and begs you to sit and stay awhile. 

We hope you enjoyed our "tour" of both the inside of Lee Industries as well as the final pieces once they arrive to us and then into our customers' homes! Come by soon to try them all out in person.

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