Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Woven Wally Lives at Reese Witherspoon's House Too!

Last year I started following a really fun blog called "Hooked On Houses." My husband is actually the one who told me about the blog, which he found while doing a Google search on the house in the movie "Something's Gotta Give." I (along with many other people) have always commented about how much I love both the house and the interior design for the movie set. He has a habit of often going straight to Wikipedia or Google after we watch a movie to get more "facts" so this time it worked out in my favor (I'm not into "facts" so much) and I found the Hooked on Houses blog. They had a great post about the house in the movie which led me deeper into the blog to find it also often features open houses from around the country. Some of the open houses are fantastic, some are hilarious and some are from her actual readers.

So, onto the point of this blog posting, today's Hooked On Houses post features Reese Witherspoon's "retreat" in Ojai, California. Her home is absolutely gorgeous! It's a terrific blog post and includes many images that will be featured in the September issue of Elle Decor Magazine.

One of my favorite images of the home also includes one of my favorite items that we carry in our store, our "Woven Wally" dog. Wally arrived at The Nest Egg earlier this year. We had been waiting and waiting for his puppies to arrive and were so excited when they finally did. Wally and his pups are made out of water hyacinth tightly woven by hand. They add such personality to a room as well as great texture.

Here's a picture of Wally in Reese's home as well as a picture of Wally and his puppies at The Nest Egg. Reese put a collar on her Wally . . .hadn't thought about that. I just might need to dress ours up as well!

The Witherspoon's Wally as featured in Elle Decor
Wally and his pups at The Nest Egg

We only have 2 Wally's left available for adoption along with 6 of his puppies (perhaps Reese needs some?!). They are super sweet and sooo easy to care for!

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