Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back From High Point! What Did We Find?

Well we're back at last and unfortunately our goal of daily postings about all the wonderful things we found didn't go quite as planned. A major storm (aka a small tornado) rolled through the High Point/Greensboro area late Monday/early Tuesday and left us literally "powerless" to post.

Our hotel lost power overnight and waking up to an alarm in the dark and fumbling around a hotel room trying to figure out exactly what was where was a new experience for all of us. Fortunately we were able to laugh through it all (after many Bates Motel jokes) and after cold showers, we somehow managed to get out that morning and have another productive day at the market. There was still no power when we got back to the hotel that night so we made a late night switch to another hotel, but no power meant no blogging. I just uploaded our pictures though and promise to make good on sharing all of our great finds over the next few days! Here's a little sneak preview:

The wonderful Sunbrella fabric palette we choose for our new Joe Ruggiero upholstery collection (more on that tomorrow!) Fabulous merchandising at the Currey & Company showroom (featuring one of our in stock mirrors x 9)!

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