Sunday, April 3, 2011

And We're Off! First Day at High Point . . .

Going to market is always a little like a race to the finish line. I sometimes feel like we're on the Amazing Race (minus the crazy obstacles and challenges) because we always there for such a short time and have so much to see. People often comment that it must be so fun to get to shop for work and yes, that part is very fun, but we usually start our day when the market opens at 8:00am and end when the market closes at 8:00pm. In between we rush around the maze of buildings, hallways and hundreds of people, going down our list of showrooms and lines we want to see and hoping we are able to fit them all in.

The clock is always ticking while we're here, so it was fitting that one of the collections that caught our eye yesterday were these great new clocks. We've carried clocks since we opened the store but the materials and textures of these are fresh and a terrific new look. Here are a few of the ones we ordered and we look forward to their arrival in our store soon!
36" Harrington Clock $265
30" Southampton Clock (this is a heavy one!) $225
40" Elliston Clock $425

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