Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Owls, Owls Everywhere!

Over the past year or so we have seen owls popping up all over the home decor scene. We recently received these fabulous owl vases and they are one of my favorite things currently in the store. I think they would bring such character to a room either alone or in a pair. They're a great size and the color is easy to incorporate into many palettes. We've paired the ones in our store with a fresh green color story which I think is really sharp and clean. The vase is 9.5x17h and $110. There is also a larger size available if you want to foster a little owl family in your home.

The owl works in many different types of design and merchandise. Here are a few other owls that are currently residing in our store:

20x20 Night Owl Applique Pillow $138

Owl Cocktail Napkin Set $7

Owl Enclosure Card $2.25

Dad & Child Owl Father's Day Card $5.50

Owl Storage Caddy $28

Owl Storage Bin $45

Angel Dear Owl Blankie $14
Organic Owl Tote $40

Goodnight Owl Book $8.99 (this is one of my favorite books to give as part of a new baby gift -- it's an adorable little story!)

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