Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Was For Lovers (of Sid Dickens)

Friday afternoon a big shipment of Sid Dickens memory blocks arrived at our store and we quickly got to work getting them unpacked and up on our wall as it had gotten a little bare. By Friday night we'd gone through 12 of them and by Sunday, a total of 25 had sold. We hadn't realized that Sid Dickens memory blocks were such a hot Valentine's item.

Our store is typically one filled with women and it's always fun to see how the numbers change close to Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. The men arrive and inevitably we hear "My wife loves this store . . .what has she pointed out recently?" Our response is always "Terrific! Who's your wife?"

This year though, they were on the ball, thoughtfully choosing Sid Dickens tiles for their special someones to add to their collections. Just one of the wonderful things about Sid Dickens memory blocks is that each has a name and a short poem on the back of the tile that correlates to the image. Some of our favorite blocks purchased for Valentines Day this year were:

Life's Tale (T220)
Story of lost and found...
With tempestuous joy we venture
These paths of mischief.
The wife of the man who purchased Life's Tale was French and so he thought it was perfect for her.

Gameboard (T2005)
Life is a great game board and we the
Take a chance.
A woman purchased this block over the weekend for her foster son who was enrolled in the military. His number when he played sports was 5.

Union (T236)
True love deserves neither honors nor
A couple who recently started a collection came in together this weekend to add to their wall and chose this one together.

One of my little Valentines at home was quite excited today when he noticed "his" block was back on our wall. We have our family's four Zodiac blocks hanging in our living room and just before Christmas a customer came in to the store who'd just had a baby and was desparate for the Libra block. We didn't have another shipment coming until after the holidays so I brought the Libra I have at home in for her. Our replacement Libra just arrived in Friday's shipment and now our wall is complete again!

There are so many ways to incorporate Sid Dickens Memory Blocks into your home. You can choose them purely for decoration and to enjoy the textures, colors and patterns. They're especially nice though when they've been chosen either by you, or for you, and they hold a special meaning.

Our shipment of the new 2011 Spring memory blocks from the Sid Dickens "Through The Looking Glass" collection will be arriving soon!

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