Friday, February 11, 2011

To Faux or Not To Faux? That is the question . . .

Nate Berkus seems like a lovely guy, however, I personally think he did a bit of an injustice to the artificial flower industry a few years ago when he announced on Oprah that one should never use faux flowers in their home decor. Of course, all of us would love bouquets of fresh flowers to magically appear in our homes once a week but alas, that's not the way it works for most of us and there's just something about a floral arrangement, a plant, stems or branches in a room that adds a little life (faux or not).

That said, it was interesting to read the excerpt in yesterday's Washington Post "Local Living" section of the online chat last week with Newell Turner, editor in chief of House Beautiful magazine. One of the questions posed to Mr. Turner was "I have a brown thumb but love the look of greenery in my house. Where can I purchase faux plants for my home that look real unless examined closely?"

His response was, "I have mixed feelings about faux plants. If you go faux, you need to find the best quality you can. . . .One of the keys is to splurge and buy something full and lush looking. Don't skimp."

We agree -- quality IS key. We've all seen the dusty old silk arrangement in the corner of the waiting room of the doctor's office that does nothing to help promote an easy feeling while waiting to be seen; however, there are so many beautiful options available these days that it's easy to find an arrangement or put together a collection that looks and feels like fresh flowers.

Over the years we've carried a few different artificial flower lines with a variety of price points. Here are a few of our favorite current arrangements:

Phalaenopsis Bamboo Watergarden by NDI $255

Lily Berry Tulip Watergarden by NDI $355

44" White Dendrobium Orchid $175

14" White Mixed Flower Vase $155

In April we'll be introducing the Diane James line at our store. Diane James is certainly the high end of the spectrum but they offer the utmost quality and fabulous, current designs. You really can't go wrong with one of her arrangements. (shown at the top of the posting is the 7" Small Fuchsia and White Spring Bouquet $210)

20" Small White Phalaenopsis in Moss Flared Planter -- White $255

12" Coco Bouquet in Quilted Glass Vase $430

Another option is to go with preserved arrangements. We've carried Bougainvillea arrangements for years and they truly are stunning! Yes, they can be "pricey" but many customers who purchase them often comment that one arrangement that will last for 5+ years is equivalent to what they would spend on just a few fresh arrangements that would be gone in a matter of weeks. I mentioned in one of our store slideshows recently that Jeff & David from Bougainvillea are two of the nicest and most talented men in the South and they honestly are. They are lovely to work with, fun, funny and extremely talented. Take a look at our newest shipment from the Atlanta market that arrived last week.

Green Cocinea with Hydrangea in Oval Pewter container $315

Hydrangea and Roses in Round Antiqued Mirror Container $235

Yellow Hydrangea and Moss Pensularia in Wood and Copper Container $630

Violet Rose & Hydrangea in Pewter Oval Container $315

Ivory Hydrangea with Natural Banksia in White and Antique Copper Container $375

So as we believe with all home decorating, you should choose what you like and what makes you feel happy and comfortable in your home. If it's real flowers, enjoy them for all of their beauty! If it's faux or preserved, don't love them any less. As Juliet said, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." Call it a real rose, call it a faux rose, it's still a rose, right?

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