Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New In Our Nest: Scout Bags

As we had, you've probably come across, or owned, a piece from the Scout collection of tote bags over the years. This January when we saw the new collection at the Atlanta market, we couldn't resist bringing them into the store. The new colors and patterns are so versatile that they are perfect for everyday use and whether you are looking for a subtle bag or you prefer for your bag to be noticed, there are so many options that are fun (the pattern names definitely make you smile), affordable and highly functional.

I bought myself the "Pocket Rocket" style back in November at a charity shopping event (it was in a white/green/black stripe that I think is now discontinued) and I've commented on more than one occasion that it changed my life!
Pocket Rocket in Reptile Dysfunction

Between working and having two young boys, my daily tote bag is often overflowing with papers, personal items, cameras, water bottles, matchbox cars, wipes, etc. The Pocket Rocket is so terrific because it has ample space on the inside for papers, folders and more and then 6 individual pockets on the outside that so nicely contain a bottle of water, sippy cup, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, tissues/wipes, pens, etc. It makes it so that you aren't constantly searching through one middle section to hunt down whatever you need at that moment. All of these bags are wipeable and durable. The best part is that they are so affordable that you don't have to worry so much about the daily abuse of a bag and you can have more than one style and color at a time. They also don't weigh 30 pounds empty as so many other bags do. They're light as a feather (until you load them up of course)!

When our shipment arrived at the store this month, I immediately chose the "Grand Plan" tote in Indigo Go. It's sort of a dark blue denim but has a wonderful pop of green on the inside.

Grand Plan in Indigo Go (picture doesn't show the wonderful green interior)

While it doesn't have the outside pockets that the Pocket Rocket has, it does have one interior zipper pocket and Scout has now introduced small accessory bags that are just perfect. With the addition of the "Counterfeit" bag and the "Packin' Heat" bag, it's easy to keep your loose items contained and easily within reach.
Packin' Heat in Boca

Counterfeit in Vanilla Bean

We've pondered whether or not to carry tote bags in the store for a long time because who doesn't love buying a new bag, but with our focus on home, we didn't want to blur the line too much on our categories. Totes really are an extension of the home when you consider we carry so much of our lives around in them and the Scout bags really seemed to fit the bill for us.

In addition to their totes, we are also carrying smaller everyday bags, the accessory bags and the original "Deano" which I was given years ago and I love using for car travel. It's great for packing kids clothes or groceries for long car trips because inevitably you end up stopping along the way and have to have easy access to something. The Dean-O does the trick! Here are a few of the other styles and patterns we currently have in stock. Let us know if there's a Scout piece you love that we might be missing!
Original Deano in Reptile Dysfunction

Daytripper in Barbara Stripesand Blue

Pocket Rocket in Starstruck

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