Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The "Pouffes" Are Here!


So technically they are called ottomans, but at the store we've all taken to calling them "Pouffes" and regardless of their official title, they couldn't be more fun! (I have to admit . . .I wasn't even quite sure how to spell Pouffe so I searched and found the correct spelling on Wikipedia. I did notice in the October Country Living magazine last night they have a feature where they spell them Poufs but according to Wikipedia, that spelling is for the 18th Century French hairstyle made popular by Marie Antoinette which apparently fell out of fashion shortly after she did.)

But, back to the original post . . .when we introduced Lee Industries upholstery a few months ago we brought in a few of these pieces and they sold right away. We ordered 6 more for the store which arrived last week and they are fantastic! We chose some of our favorite fabrics, but take a look at all of the Lee fabrics and see which one strikes you for your very own pouffe!
These little pouffes are a terrific price (all shown here are between $278-$285 at our store) and such a great way to introduce that favorite fabric you've been dying for but aren't quite ready to commit to for an entire sofa or chair. At just 23x23x17h, they are really handy and functional. They are big enough and sturdy enough to use as extra seating (they don't collapse when you sit on them), perfect for the actual use of an ottoman and they are great to throw a tray on and use as an extra table. You can also tuck them under a table or console and pull them out whenever you need them. They are also slipcovered so in a few years if you change colors, you can simply order a new slipcover.

Wikipedia also mentions that pouffes are similar to tuffets . . . Little Miss Muffet knew what she was talking about!  

(1940s Poster promoting reading among children from Wikipedia)

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