Monday, March 7, 2011

The New Spring 2011 Sid Dickens Shipment Has Arrived!

Ancient Bloom: Look to this sacred symbol of rebirth and enlightenment. Awaken your spirit to the sun. (T259)

The boxes just arrived this morning and the tiles are already up on our wall! The new "Through The Looking Glass" Spring 2011 Sid Dickens Memory Blocks have arrived and they are inspiring! Ancient Bloom, shown above, is just perfect for this time of year . . .we're all ready to awaken our spirits to the sun!

Here are the rest of the new introductions. Enjoy!

Faerie Flowers: Sprightly dances, On rolling wisps of wind. (T261)

Festina Lente: 'Make haste slowly' (T260)

Iris Royale: Elegant spirit of regal splendor. (T258)

Conundrum: Have you guessed the riddle yet? (T257)

Winged Sage: "Hope is the thing with feathers, That perches in the soul." -Emily Dickinson (T256)

Cavalry: Find triumph in knowing, That dawn is beyond the dark night. (T255)

New Beginnings: Nestled in these petals lies, Friendship, joy and freedom. The future you dream of, Lays waiting. (T254)
(What a lovely graduation, new job, wedding or even retirement gift this block would be!)

Hourglass: Live presently. Discover the eternity of this moment. (T253)
(This is definitely my favorite new introduction! What a wonderful quote and a such smart contradiction to what most people would think of when they look at the image on the block.)

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