Thursday, March 19, 2009

Store Consolidation Sale 3/20-29!

After much consideration, we've made the decision to close our Brambleton store location on March 29. While the decision wasn't an easy one, there is always an upside and in this case, it's that over the past year, we've had the opportunity to meet and welcome so many wonderful new customers. We'd like to extend a BIG "thank you" to everyone who helped support us in Brambleton. While we may no longer be neighbors to many of our newer customers, we sincerely hope you'll visit us at our Fairfax location.

Rest assured that we'll continue to offer the same level of selection, quality and service to which our customers have become accustomed. We'll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in Fairfax in May and we look forward to welcoming you there for many years to come!

From March 20-29 we'll be offering incredible savings on furniture, lighting, wall art, accessories and more at both our Fairfax and Brambleton locations. Save 25% to over 50% on a large select merchandise as we try to reduce our total inventory.

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  1. Hi Ann and Sean!

    I'm sorry to hear you're closing the Brambleton store- that's a shame. It's great that the Fairfax store is still going strong!

    Are you coming to the Furniture Market in High Point this month? I'd love to meet for dinner one night if you're in town!
    Send me an e-mail:

    All the best,