Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Placemat Samples Have Arrived!

We had one of those "why didn't we think of this sooner" moments yesterday when our samples of Karen Lee Ballard laminated placemats arrived. We've been stocking their wonderful placemats for a few years now but typically only have 8-10 patterns in stock at a time. There are over 50 patterns to choose from and we finally had the idea to ask them to send us one of each. We now have a sample of each pattern in the store for customers to see. This way you can find the perfect match for your kitchen and/or dining room decor. You can also check out samples to see how they look in your home before you buy. We even have a few wonderful beachy patterns that are great for beach houses or to give as gifts for friends in Florida, etc.

Check out the whole collection at and please stop in at our Fairfax store to see them in person. The new Perrenial Lane Honey is my favorite and the new Dahana Coral would be really fun for summer. Our customers love these placemats and so do we. They are especially great for kids because they wipe clean and best of all, they are made using beautiful fabrics so they are not only functional but they are a great accessory!


  1. I have recently discovered the Karen Lee Balalrd laminated placemats. Do you ship out of state? What do you charge for the placemats, tax, shipping...?

  2. Hi - So sorry to just be getting back to you. We do ship out of state. The placemats are $12.50 and because you are not in Virginia, there would be no tax. Depending on how many you purchase, shipping would be about $10. Please feel free to call us at the store if we can be of more assistance: 703-988-0944. Thanks for your note!